Today I Am Grateful

I've been more intentional with my gratitude lately. As I brush my teeth each morning, I think about three things I am grateful for. Today it was for the veterans who have served so we can enjoy the freedom that is easy to take for granted. I am grateful for my children, their laughter and yes, even their fighting. They don’t realize how blessed they are to have each other. I am grateful for being able to walk and enjoy the outdoors. So many people can’t walk with ease and struggle to move about each day.

I live a life that many can only dream of. I have time to spend with family and friends. I am financially secure and look forward to the work I do each day. I can choose what to do and who to do it with in each moment. And yet I am restless.

Restless for more…more impact and more connection. In a world where most of us grab our phones before we put on our jackets, it is easy to forget that real connections are built in the small moments. That moment you pass someone on a walk and share a smile. That moment when you help someone up when they fall unexpectedly. That moment when you hold someone’s hand to give them comfort when their heart is hurting.

Take in those moments and just be. Not just today but on any day that your path crosses the path of a veteran say thank you. They have made the small moments of connection possible.

Equal Pay Day – Send This Email

The first equal pay day was on 1996.  Today is the date that symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year.  The World Economic Forum says it would take 217 years for disparities in the pay and employment opportunities of men and women to end.  That is too long! 

We need to support equal pay because it is morally the right thing to do. And we are missing out on a tremendous amount of economic value. In the U.S. alone we are leaving $2 trillion in GDP on the table by not addressing inequities in our workforce. There are companies like Pipeline Equity making a difference. Are you?

So today I ask you to send this email to the Head of Your HR function and CEO:

“Today is Equal Pay Day. It is not okay for it to take 217 years to have the inequality in pay and employment opportunities solved. What are you doing to solve this?  And, how can I help?”

And if you want to ask for a salary increase, let’s talk. Schedule a free Breakthrough Call with me at

Pay Conversations You Should Be Having

When will I get a raise? When will I get a promotion? What do I need to do to increase my value to the organization and earn more? How does my pay compare to that of my peers? How is my pay determined in the first place?

If you hesitating to have these conversations with your manager, then schedule a free strategy call with me at I can help you figure out when to have the conversation and more importantly how.

Do You Sabotage Your Own Success?

Self-sabotage is any action that gets in the way of achieving your goals. We all do it. That reptilian part of our brain gets activated. Then fear settles in and we are overwhelmed. We stop moving toward our goals.

It is when you stay in a job you hate.

It is when you work ridiculously long hours and allow yourself to be used by your employer.

It is when you listen to that voice in your head that tells you aren’t qualified enough to apply for your dream job.

It is when you don’t update your LinkedIn profile or resume for years. 

It is when you don’t follow up after meeting someone new that could help you with your next career move.

It is when you don’t block time on your calendar to get your most important work done without interruptions.

It is when you don’t research the company as much as you should before the job interview.

It is when you accept being paid less than what you deserve.

It is when the recruiter asks what salary you are expecting, and you hesitate when answering.

If any of these sounds like you, we should talk. I can help you stop self-sabotage, so you can accomplish your career and salary negotiation goals.  Schedule a free Breakthrough Call with me at

Stop Being Loyal

Have you noticed?  The time you work at a company gets shorter and shorter. You decide to leave or they decide they don’t need you anymore.  For decades, the employment deal included loyalty.  Loyalty from your employer and they expected you, the employee, to be loyal in return. 

If you were loyal and worked hard you would get promoted.  Your paycheck would get bigger and your success was almost guaranteed if you just followed the rules. The employment deal has changed. Radically.

You are now an entrepreneur. Even if you get a paycheck every other week and think of yourself as an employee, you are really an entrepreneur.  That means that you need to deliver great value each day.  Plus, you need to stay marketable and have strong relationships that will help you get your next gig (aka job). 

Are you on top of your game every day? Do you update your resume and LinkedIn profile often with new skills and experience?  Do you spend time building relationships each week?  If not, and that seems overwhelming book a breakthrough call with me.

Don’t Answer This Question. Ever.

Are you searching for your next job and dreading the interview question, “What is your current salary?” Or, even better, “Can you send me your salary history?”

I’m going to share a secret with you. You don’t have to answer this question. The recruiter thinks they need the answer. They don’t. You can get a great offer without giving them an answer.

How? The company has a budget for the job they are trying to fill. You know your salary expectations for that job. All it takes is negotiation to come to a win-win solution that you both like.

If you think this sounds too simple, don’t know how to do the research to find out how much you should be earning, or are worried about negotiating the offer -- then let’s talk. Schedule
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