Career Coaching

Career-driven leaders:

  • Do you watch others get promotions and wonder why you aren't getting one?
  • Do you fear that your name will be on the next layoff list?
  • Do you look at job openings and daydream about doing a job you love?
  • Do you train others only to have them get promoted to the job you wanted?
  • Do you know you should look for another job but panic at the thought of updating your resume or interviewing?
  • Do you feel anxious about asking for a salary increase and worry your manager will think you are ungrateful or greedy?
  • Do you feel like there's an invisible ceiling on your pay?

Take Action Now

Career and Salary Negotiation Coaching - Schedule a call so we can get to know each other and determine if we should work together.  

  • Get unstuck and give yourself permission to dream big.  We are HR insiders and can tell you how to build the relationships and take the actions you need to get your target job. The companies that have the right culture and leadership to bring out the best in you are out there. We can help you find those companies and meet the hiring manager before your dream job is given to someone else. And we can teach you how to maximize your offer through effective negotiation. Don't wait. Invest in yourself today!