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Human Resources Consulting

Competition to keep valuable, high-performing employees is at an all-time high.

A strategic performance and reward system is one of the most effective ways to retain your company's top performers and grow profits.

You can also increase performance with a balanced, market-based compensation and ownership plan. 

Improving recruitment, retention, and productivity are outcomes you can expect from well-designed pay programs and communications that inspire employees to achieve your company's business goals. 

What We Deliver

  • Do you have difficulty attracting the right talent for your job openings?

  • Do you get the right talent but can't keep them?

  • Do you need to design and implement market based salary ranges/bands or hourly rates?

  • Do you need HR policies or guidelines written?

  • Are you sure you are paying overtime to the right people based on the jobs they are performing?

  • Do you need HR or compensation training or communications developed and delivered?

  • Do you need someone on your team trained to do compensation work?

  • Do you need to update your reward programs after a merger or acquisition?

  • Are your annual bonus metrics no longer aligned to your business goals?

  • Do you need to design career paths and train employees on how to use them when having development conversations?

  • Do you need a spot award or recognition program?

  • Do you need a custom salary survey designed to find out what other companies are paying for unique jobs?

  • Do you need an interim HR leader or a HR project manager?

  • Do you need to integrate your compensation and talent management programs to optimize the manager and employee experience?

Why Us

We believe in listening and asking questions…lots of questions. We don’t know your pay story or the business story but we will. 

We believe designing great pay programs requires a partnership. You will be involved in the key decisions related to design, administration, change management, and communications.

We believe in paying employees competitively.  It is part of the foundation needed to ensure that you have the right talent in the right seats.

We believe in understanding how you define success. Aligning pay to your business goals, values, and within your budget is an important step on your journey to success.

How We Work

We make sure that our deliverables are well defined up front so you get what you need.  We will focus on an Action Plan that defines: 

  • Who?

  • Produces what?

  • With What? The right resources, motivation, and authority need to be in place.

  • By when?

  • Because?


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