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Human Resources & Compensation Consulting

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Running a successful business is difficult. Get the right people, processes, and performance metrics in place to maximize profits and impact.

  • We partner with you to ensure that your business goals are our goals.

  • We help you solve problems with our expertise in HR and leadership.

  • We will help you become an employer of choice, because your employees and customers feel the difference when they interact with you.

  • We specialize in developing pay programs to attract and retain the talent needed to achieve your goals.

What We Deliver

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Why Us

We believe in listening and asking questions. Lots of questions. We don’t know your business story but we will. 

We believe in attracting, hiring, engaging, and developing the right people. We know that requires a partnership with you. It also requires a deep understanding of your customers, business goals, purpose, and culture. Get the right people on the bus and the wrong ones off fast.

We believe that the processes you follow can stop problems before they start. The key is simplicity and consistency. We believe in leading yourself first before leading others to greatness.

We believe in understanding how you define business success. And then using the right performance metrics to track your progress. We don’t use vanity metrics and neither should you. We believe success is a journey and that the destination will evolve as the customers you serve, your competition, and the world we live in changes.

We are relentless in the pursuit of excellence. We believe in rewarding the right attitude, effort, and results. Because excellence is a habit.

How We Work

We make sure that our deliverables are well defined up front so you get what you need.  We will focus on an Action Plan that defines: 

  • Who?

  • Produces what?

  • With What? The right resources, motivation, and authority need to be in place.

  • By when?

  • Because?


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