Examples of topics for your organization's members or employees:

(1) Maximize Your Pay Through Effective Negotiation

One of the secrets to maximizing your pay is knowing what you are worth and asking for it.  Do you know what to say and when to say it? Do you know how to ask? Talk about the value and results you deliver in the context of strategic business goals. Ask for what you are worth with respect and not entitlement.  Make it easy for your business leaders and HR to say "yes"! 

(2) The Key to Your Success is Understanding Your Company’s Incentives

Whether you are starting a new job or have been at the same company for years, the secret to being successful is understanding how the company defines success.  Incentive plans give you instant access to success metrics.  It may be a bonus, sales incentive, stock plan, or a recognition plan, but all of these provide insight into strategic, financial, and business metrics that matter most. The metrics are meant to communicate what is important to the business and how you should prioritize your time and talent. The key to understanding  company's culture can also be found in their incentive plans. Understanding these metrics provides you with the ability to improve your chances for a promotion. They also tell you what results and value you need to deliver to negotiate a significant salary increase now and throughout your career.

(3) Stop Setting Goals

Forget S.M.A.R.T. goals.  Those goals keep you safe based on untrue assumptions. Do you set goals based on your values or what family and friends will accept? Experiences. Focus on the personal and professional experiences you want in life. The experiences you can't seem to stop thinking about are worth pursuing. And many of them don't cost as much as you think.  Growth. For you to have those experiences, how do you have to grow? We are meant to grow as human beings and with that growth comes meaning. Contribution. Based on your experiences and growth, how can you give back to the world? To be happy and fulfilled you need to positively impact others. What will be your legacy?  

(4) The Secret to Job Security is A Personal Marketing Plan

Are you afraid your name will be on the next layoff list?  The days of finding an employer that will hire you and guarantee employment for the next thirty years are gone.  We are all entrepreneurs now.  That means that we need to know the pain we solve, the value we deliver, and the market that needs us. The secret to job security is that you build it for yourself.  That means you need to build your marketability and network, so you have the right relationships in place. It also means that you use a Personal Marketing Plan to communicate in your authentic voice via channels where people are likely to listen to your message.  Join us as we help you: soar with your strengths, tap into your values, pursue your passions, and define your purpose. Plus you will walk away with a concrete action plan so you can kick off your personal marketing strategy within 24 hours. 

(5) Health, Love, and Money

What matters most in your life?   As you go about your day, think about your decisions, habits, and routines.  How do they impact your health, those you love, and how you earn or spend money?  You have so much to juggle - your job, working out, eating the right foods, your relationships, and paying your bills. Are you saving enough money for retirement? Do you want to help your kids pay for college? What about that amazing vacation you've been planning for years?  How about owning your dream home? Life is a series of trade-offs.  Are your trade-offs between health, love, and money based on your values? Turn off auto-pilot and stop coasting through life. 

(6) Cultivate Resilience to Ignite Your Performance

Resilience.  It is that ability to successfully adapt to stressors in the face of adversity.  It involves behaviors, thoughts, and actions. It can be learned and cultivated in everyone.  My husband, Keith, was diagnosed with tongue cancer at the age of 38.  He beat the cancer, but the treatment caused him to lose his ability to eat and talk. We were optimistic and focused on what we could control, and he lived for another 11 years.  Our journey taught me how to prioritize, how to ask for help, and how to accept what cannot be changed.  We all have stories of resilience, and they can be used to connect authentically. Stories of overcoming obstacles can ignite your performance. Do you want to learn how to increase your resilience

Examples of topics for business leaders, founders, and the C-Suite: 

(1) How Pay Programs Impact Company Culture

Pay programs are one of the many levers that leaders can use to drive performance. But the real impact of pay programs is dependent on how they communicate to employees what is important.  That in turn helps reinforce company culture.  What metrics are used to define business success? How can each employee impact those metrics in the results they deliver each day?  How transparent are you in how you make pay and performance decisions? How do your managers talk about pay and performance with your employees?  Is it an easy conversation?  If your company is growing, going through a merger or acquisition, or you are revising your vision, mission or values, then pay close attention to your pay programs.  Remember company culture is every bit as important as a paycheck to your employees.  Does their definition of your company culture match your definition?

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