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Denise is passionate about creating an experience and not a speech or another boring presentation. Thoughts. Feelings. Actions. Results. These are the ingredients that drive success.

Available for: Conference keynotes, general/breakout sessions, panelist, discussion moderator, workshops, seminars, corporate/executive retreats, training sessions, and webinars. Customized presentations (30 minutes to 4 hours) are also available.

Audiences: (1) Business owners and executives, (2) Career-driven professionals, (3) Senior leaders - Middle Management to Director to C-Suite, (4) HR leaders, (5) Women’s Groups, (6) Business Resource Groups, and (7) Conference participants.

Biography: Denise Liebetrau is a HR Consultant who partners with business leaders to get the people, processes, and performance metrics in place to maximize profit and impact. She is also a Career & Salary Negotiation Coach that helps career-driven professionals get paid what they are worth and have careers aligned to their values. Learn more at


(1) Maximize Your Pay Through Effective Negotiation

One of the secrets to maximizing your pay and benefits is knowing what you are worth and asking for it. Do you know what to say and when to say it? Do you know how to ask? You need to talk about the value and results you deliver in the context of strategic business goals. You will leave $500k to $1M on the table if you don’t negotiate over the course of your career. Are you ready to learn how to fund your dreams?

(2) Lead Yourself First to Get What You Truly Want

 Think of a really great leader that you've met. Is it someone in your community, church, or at work? Often, we think of people other than ourselves as great leaders. To lead others successfully, you first need to lead yourself. And that takes focus and the ability to manage your emotions. Learn how to lead yourself first to get what you want.

(3) Master the Art of Difficult Conversations to Drive Your Success

Have you ever hesitated before having a difficult but necessary conversation with an employee, coworker, or boss? Do you put these conversations off for too long? Have you ever started one of these conversations only to have it spiral out of control? Whether the conversation has to happen in your personal or professional life, mastering the art of difficult conversations is critical to your success. Learn how to not hesitate, plan your conversation, and talk with confidence about pay, performance, expectations, and other workplace topics. And mastery at work leads to mastery at home. This skill set can be used when you talk to your spouse, partner, kids, mom, dad and friends about the topics you've been avoiding.

(4) The Best Career Advice You’ve Never Heard

 Are you feeling stuck in your career?  Do you long to hear something different that will make you look forward to going to work?  Join us for a unique conversation about your career and how to get unstuck.  The secret is in the career advice you have never heard before.  Are you ready to hear some new ways to think about your success?

(5) The Key to Career Success is Understanding Your Company’s Incentives

 How does your employer define success? Incentives provide insight into the strategic, financial, and business metrics that matter most and help you understand the company’s culture. Learn how to interpret a company’s reward programs so you know how to prioritize your work, what will be valued, and improve your chances for a promotion. You will also learn how to use the languages of business to communicate your results to enhance your reputation as a high performer and leader.

(6) The Secret to Job Security

 Are you afraid your name will be on the next layoff list?  The days of being employed by one employer for most of your career are gone. We are all entrepreneurs now. Do you know the pain points you solve? Do you know the employers that need the results you can deliver? The secret to job security is that you build it for yourself. Learn how to use a personal marketing plan to communicate your accomplishments to the right audience. Discover your strengths, align to your values, and find your passion. Leave with an action plan that gives you peace of mind and confidence.

(7) Work-Life Balance is a Myth: Do This Instead

Does your day-to-day existence feel like a struggle that just won’t get any better? Are you running on empty with very little energy? You have so much to juggle - your job, eating right, fitting in exercise, the kids, pets, and your spouse or partner. Are you worried about the job search you keep putting off, paying your bills, saving for retirement, paying off debt, buying a new home, helping your kids with college, or taking that dream vacation that seems so far out of reach? Life is a series of trade-offs.  Are your trade-offs based on your values? Are you doing the right things to maximize your energy and prioritize your long To-Do List? Stop being overwhelmed and frustrated. Learn how to build the habits that will help you feel less stressed and more in control. Gain the peace of mind that comes with living a life based on your purpose and not what your friends, family or society believes is success.

 (8) Build Resilience to Ignite Performance

Resilience is that ability to successfully adapt to stress in the face of adversity.  It involves behaviors, thoughts, and actions. It can be learned and cultivated in everyone. We all have stories of resilience, and they can be used to connect authentically. They also help to develop leadership behaviors. Stories of overcoming obstacles can ignite your performance and that of your team. Learn how to use what you have overcome in the past to fuel your future performance and become a better leader.

(9) Link Rewards to Culture for Business Success

Reward programs linked to company culture can drive high performance. Rewards communicate to employees what is important. What metrics define business success? How can employees impact those metrics? How do your managers talk about rewards and performance with your employees? Company culture is every bit as important as a paycheck to your employees. Does their definition of your company culture match your definition?

 (10) Transform HR from Tactical to Strategic in Less Than 30 Days

Do you want to become an organizational leader that has a meaningful impact on strategic business goals?  Are you ready to have your big ideas approved so you can impact the bottom-line? You will learn how to use technology, reset expectations, and communicate HR’s results so you can enhance HR’s reputation. You can grow your career by becoming known as the business consultant with strategic HR solutions.  And you’ll have a plan on how to do this within 30 days.  Don’t miss this opportunity to set yourself and your company up for success.

(11) What HR Can Do to Fix the Gender Equity Gap

 Women remain underrepresented at every level in corporate America, despite earning more college degrees than men. Seventy-eight percent of CEOs have included gender equity in their top 10 strategic priorities. Despite this commitment, progress continues to be too slow and may even be stalling. Learn the actions HR can take to close the gender equity gap. Become an organizational leader that creates a meaningful impact to the company’s bottom-line. Develop the business case and metrics that provide a long-term competitive advantage. Create cross functional change to your company culture so it supports gender equity. Embed gender equity in strategic planning and the execution process across the company.

(12) Entrepreneurial Productivity: Structure and Habits Are the Key to Success

Are you struggling to do it all? Looking at the marketing, sales, client fulfillment, networking, accounting, legal, human resources, and operations work on your to do list can feel overwhelming.  There are habits you can develop to maximize your revenue, lower your expenses, and make efficient use of your time.  The trick is having a structure you follow each day that allows you to have the life you crave and a thriving business. Know when it is time to hire someone to help. Learn how to structure your day so you can maximize your productivity. Determine when your peak time of day is and what to do when.

(13) Go From Surviving to Thriving: Charge the Right Price

As an entrepreneur, do you know what to charge your customers for your services? You need to charge the price that considers your expenses as well as the problem you are solving for your ideal customer.  Come learn how to determine if the price you are charging today is enough and how to implement higher prices.  Charging what your services are worth is critical to move your business from survival to thriving. Learn how to calculate what to charge for your services. Manage your mindset to ensure that your beliefs aren’t getting in the way of charging the right price. Determine how to communicate higher prices with a focus on the buy triggers that help you make sales.

Also available for custom presentations: 30 minutes to 4 hours


Denise Liebetrau has presented for Women of Denver on two occasions and both times provided quality, informative and engaging content. I would recommend Denise for any organization looking to bring well researched, and well presented pay negotiation and career planning topics to their audience.
— Krystal Covington, CEO & Founder of Women of Denver
Denise created a valuable two-hour workshop for employees in career transition and delivers this monthly, providing expert guidance on the very important skill of negotiation. She consistently receives outstanding marks when evaluated by the workshop participants, and has helped many successfully negotiate their job offers. Her energy and presentation skills have helped our clients focus on the right approach so they can plan their negotiation and reach their offer goals.
— Dan Wegner, VP of Lee Hecht Harrison's Colorado Consulting Practice
Denise’s strong background in compensation made her an excellent choice for our audience. Her willingness to share her slide deck with me in advance so I could evaluate her knowledge was incredibly helpful. She provided the attendees with a framework and tools for negotiating a salary increase. When asked their favorite part of the event, the top responses were: knowledgeable and engaging presenter, clear and direct advice, loved the Q&A and personal responses. I enjoyed how easy it was to work with Denise and her professionalism. She is an engaging, knowledgeable speaker who presents difficult information in a way that resonates with her audience. We have used other speakers on this topic before and Denise is hands down the best.
— Cindy Hyman, Director of Alumni Career and Professional Development, University of Denver
Heartfelt thanks to Denise Liebetrau for sharing her perspective and expertise during our December event Co-Hosted by Colorado Ivy+ Women and Ellevate Network Denver! Denise’s presentation was full of great ideas about how to develop a fulfilling career and how to increase one’s earning / career potential through effective negotiation. Her ease of interaction encouraged our audience to ask questions, and her responses were thought-provoking and practical while demonstrating her in-depth knowledge of the topics. We truly enjoyed working with Denise, and she customized her presentation to meet the interests of our members and to achieve our desired outcomes. Because our members have expressed interest in delving deeper into the concepts introduced in December, we are collaborating with Denise and Ellevate to deliver and market a follow-on workshop in May.
— Dare Rosebery, President of Colorado Ivy + Women, VP of Learning and Development at People Programs Group, Inc.
Denise was a fantastic breakout session facilitator at the 2019 Sheer Impact Conference! She was engaging, knowledgeable, and full of resources to enhance Entrepreneurial Productivity. We were thrilled that she empowered our attendees with practical, actionable tools and systems for their businesses and I would absolutely recommend her for other organizations.
— Rachel Lubchansky, Startup Business Coach & Founder of the Sheer Impact Conference

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