Coaching Success

Denise was instrumental in helping me simultaneously negotiate two executive-level job offers and realize $25K - $30K more in compensation than the original offers. She was amazingly responsive, creative, and practical in her suggestions related to looking at the entire package – base, bonus, equity, benefits, title, boss and so much more. The investment in Denise as a consultant and coach will pay for itself 100 X’s over! I could not have done this without her!
— SVP, Financial Services
Due to what I learned in the recent Negotiation workshop, I was able to negotiate $10,000 higher than the first base salary they offered me as well as an additional week of vacation, and the opportunity to review and increase my base salary again after six months.
— Territory Manager
Denise has guided me through a number of stressful situations at work. She helped me stay focused on the advantages instead of the difficulties. Denise empowers people and helps them to look at problems in different ways. This has helped me to find very meaningful solutions. Denise possesses a tremendous amount of knowledge about compensation, and she knows how to work with people to obtain the desired results during pay negotiations. She has been a vital resource to me, and I look forward to our continuing relationship.
— HR and Global Mobility Professional, QEP Resources
Denise was critical to my negotiation with my current employer! She gave me great objective advice throughout the whole process, and I wound up with a much better situation (role and compensation). If I had tried the negotiation on my own, I wouldn’t have known how to best proceed, and I would have second guessed myself the whole way. She helped take the stress/anxiety out of the process for both myself and the employer. It ended in a classic win/win for me and my new employer. Thanks so much Denise!
— Director, Design & Engineering
I landed the job of my dreams... The money I spent with you for our consultation was, as I’ve been repeating to many, “the best...I’ve ever spent!” You helped me prepare and set great expectations, thank you! I was able to negotiate a great salary. I set my “bottom dollar” to him...and he offered me more! Great stuff. The working atmosphere is amazing! THANK YOU for working with me, for meeting with me “last minute” and for your advice and coaching. You are amazing! :) Thanks again!!!!
— Business Analyst at a start-up in Boulder
I reached out to Denise when I lost my job in January 2018. I knew I was at a crossroads in my career but I desperately needed Denise’s direction to move forward. I also knew that, because things had gone so poorly over the last six months, I was unwilling to settle for anything but a job I love.

Denise is a total powerhouse with decades of experience coupled with an incredibly kind and caring heart. It was amazing how much more confident I was even after just one session with her. She taught me how to create my own personal marketing plan and research my pay, and I came away from our sessions with a greater understanding of my worth, a priceless knowledge which I will carry with me throughout the rest of my career. In the end, I even landed a position as a Program manager at my asking salary (double what I was making a year ago)!

I would absolutely recommend Denise’s services to anyone who knows they deserve more in their career and in their life. Her dedication to her clients is unwavering and she has the tools and experience to help anyone reach their goals.
— Program Manager, Academic Impressions
Not only is Denise a subject matter expert in Compensation and Rewards, she helped me immensely in creating an online presence that enabled recruiters to find me. I am mature in my career and not savvy in social media. She was encouraging and knowledgeable when advising me of my worth in the job market and laid the steps out to negotiate a salary, ask for a sign-on bonus, and when/how to approach my manager to make a case for a promotion. Less than two months after Denise’s coaching sessions, I was offered a role in my field at a company with the mission I was looking for and at a rewards level that is satisfying. I will continue to work with Denise to further my career and reach the earnings potential I am striving for.
— Compensation Manager, SCL Health
I was struggling with finding a way to make my resume stand out. I had very little job experience for my age. I needed to get the right people to look at my resume instead of having it filtered out by applicant tracking systems. Denise listened to my concerns and helped me to progressively narrow down my interests, needs, and wants. She helped me to write a narrative and skills list that better projected my abilities in spite of my lack of consistent job experience. I was able to better identify what type of work and organizations were a good fit for me, and I was able to confidently assess my professional strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, that put me in a great position to network with the right people who could get me into the organizations I was interested in.
— Administrative Assistant, Colorado School of Mines
Before working with Denise, I was a college student, employed in nanny and retail jobs. I wanted help on my resume, so I could get an internship. The coaching sessions were serious and fun. Denise has effective time management skills, and we made substantial progress in only an hour session. She uses a white board to map out the plan which is very beneficial. Denise was amazing at filling in the pieces of my resume that were lacking. Not having much work experience as a college student makes compiling skills and work tasks difficult, but Denise was very creative when coming up with all the details I could add to really show my experience in a way that could be adaptable to a majority of jobs and internships. Denise gave me the next steps I should be taking after our session, such as seeking an advisor at my college career center to facilitate practicing for interviews and creating my LinkedIn profile. I would highly recommend Denise’s coaching to others. Her encouragement really motivated me to push myself to find an internship. After working with Denise, I was confident I had the skills I needed to see my goals through to the end. I landed an IT internship for the summer.
— College Student and IT Summer Intern
I was uncertain about how to do salary negotiations. I had two similar job offers and needed assistance to make sure that I was maximizing my compensation before accepting a position. I enjoyed the conversational style of the coaching call and the ability to get clarification. I then had the confidence to ask for more.
— Commercial Insurance Industry Specialist

Speaking Success

Denise Liebetrau has presented for Women of Denver on two occasions and both times provided quality, informative and engaging content. I would recommend Denise for any organization looking to bring well researched, and well presented pay negotiation and career planning topics to their audience.
— Krystal Covington, CEO & Founder of Women of Denver
Denise created a valuable two-hour workshop for employees in career transition and delivers this monthly, providing expert guidance on the very important skill of negotiation. She consistently receives outstanding marks when evaluated by the workshop participants, and has helped many successfully negotiate their job offers. Her energy and presentation skills have helped our clients focus on the right approach so they can plan their negotiation and reach their offer goals.
— Dan Wegner, VP of Lee Hecht Harrison's Colorado Consulting Practice
Heartfelt thanks to Denise Liebetrau for sharing her perspective and expertise during our December event Co-Hosted by Colorado Ivy+ Women and Ellevate Network Denver! Denise’s presentation was full of great ideas about how to develop a fulfilling career and how to increase one’s earning / career potential through effective negotiation. Her ease of interaction encouraged our audience to ask questions, and her responses were thought-provoking and practical while demonstrating her in-depth knowledge of the topics. We truly enjoyed working with Denise, and she customized her presentation to meet the interests of our members and to achieve our desired outcomes. Because our members have expressed interest in delving deeper into the concepts introduced in December, we are collaborating with Denise and Ellevate to deliver and market a follow-on workshop in May.
— Dare Rosebery, President of Colorado Ivy + Women, VP of Learning and Development at People Programs Group, Inc.
Denise’s strong background in compensation made her an excellent choice for our audience. Her willingness to share her slide deck with me in advance so I could evaluate her knowledge was incredibly helpful. She provided the attendees with a framework and tools for negotiating a salary increase. When asked their favorite part of the event, the top responses were: knowledgeable and engaging presenter, clear and direct advice, loved the Q&A and personal responses. I enjoyed how easy it was to work with Denise and her professionalism. She is an engaging, knowledgeable speaker who presents difficult information in a way that resonates with her audience. We have used other speakers on this topic before and Denise is hands down the best.
— Cindy Hyman, Director of Alumni Career and Professional Development, University of Denver