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Know Your Worth & Get Paid For It is an online community for career-driven professionals who want to be paid what they are worth and be recognized for their exceptional performance at work. They actively share their successes, respond to inquiries, and overcome common challenges.  

  • Are you ready and willing to make mindset shifts and take action so you can be recognized for the business value and results you deliver? 
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Build a meaningful career and maximize your pay! Join the Know Your Worth & Get Paid For It Meetup.  We meet one time a month at our office in Lakewood, Colorado.  The address is 2255 South Wadsworth Boulevard, Suite 203, Lakewood, CO 80227.

  • What we'll do - Bring your career and salary negotiation questions and be ready to learn how to get recognized for the valuable business results you deliver. The first 30-40 minutes is for Q&A and negotiation practice. We will spend the rest of the time on a Hot Topic and on building relationships that will help you achieve your career goals.
  • Important to know - Don't be shy! Come ready to interact and get ready to learn how HR and business leaders make decisions about your pay and career. That way you can use it to fund your dreams!