Stop Being Loyal

Have you noticed?  The time you work at a company gets shorter and shorter. You decide to leave or they decide they don’t need you anymore.  For decades, the employment deal included loyalty.  Loyalty from your employer and they expected you, the employee, to be loyal in return. 

If you were loyal and worked hard you would get promoted.  Your paycheck would get bigger and your success was almost guaranteed if you just followed the rules. The employment deal has changed. Radically.

You are now an entrepreneur. Even if you get a paycheck every other week and think of yourself as an employee, you are really an entrepreneur.  That means that you need to deliver great value each day.  Plus, you need to stay marketable and have strong relationships that will help you get your next gig (aka job). 

Are you on top of your game every day? Do you update your resume and LinkedIn profile often with new skills and experience?  Do you spend time building relationships each week?  If not, and that seems overwhelming book a breakthrough call with me.