Why Everyone Needs a Coach

I didn’t think I needed a coach. I was an independent strong woman, and I knew how to manage my career and life. I had been achieving my goals for decades.  I was wrong. 

My first experience with a coach was in five years ago. I read a book written by a coach, and she offered a 6-month online program. I decided to invest in myself and see what happened.  It changed my thinking. I was more accountable. I found a community of like-minded women working on the same things in their life. I had resources I could watch or listen to anytime.  I was doing activities that pushed me to get uncomfortable and grow.  I was hooked. 

Since then I have always had a coach.  At first it was a focus on my career. Now as an entrepreneur, I invest in coaching so I can reach my business goals faster and push myself. 

I also experienced the life changing effect of having a weight loss coach.  And then I became one. I helped 19 people loose more than 300 pounds in 16 weeks.  Once I stepped up from being coached to becoming a coach, I realized I found my calling.  It is never to late to evolve and become more.  To become more focused, to have more impact, and to find meaning and fulfillment. 

I love being a career and salary negotiation coach.  It is incredible to see my clients to go from frustrated to fearless.  Their thinking changes first. Then they focus on the right things and act. They find the right job in the right company with an amazing paycheck.  And they do it in record time because I know exactly what to do. 

Having more than 20 years of experience in HR means I have insight into what happens behind the scenes that most career coaches don’t have.  I know what to say and when to say it.  And I know how to overcome the objectives of business leaders when they are hesitating to give you the promotion or reward you for your amazing results. 

Do you have an accountant, financial adviser, and a mechanic?  You have these experts so you can tap into their expertise and make your life better.  When you decide you’ve struggled with your career long enough, call me.