Reinventing Yourself

I met a friend for lunch today. Let's call her Susie. She is in a job she doesn't like in a company with a toxic culture (70 hour work weeks). She is determined to get out so Susie has started her job search. Some weeks she has interviews and then at other times she has nothing for months. I know I can help her because I've helped so many of my coaching clients get great jobs at great companies AND with a great paycheck.

And get this. My friend also has a dream. A dream of creating outdoor leadership programs for youth, executives, business owners, moms, etc. I love it! She has the right background in leadership development and loves the outdoors. It would also allow her to tie in her faith and use her seminary background.

I'm looking forward to supporting her on her journey. First, we'll get her out of the company she is in and into a job that gives her the ability to get paid competitively AND work on starting her business as a side hustle. I know people with successful businesses that are like the one she is dreaming of starting so I'll make those connections for her.

What are you waiting for? What dreams are you not pursuing because it seems difficult? It just takes one step and then another to build momentum. Schedule a Strategy Call with me ( ) if you want to talk about your dream job, business, or the pain box you're in today that you need to get out of. It's never to late to reinvent yourself!