Weed Your Garden

I firmly believe in going through your phone contacts a couple times a year. Why? Because it reminds me of people I need to talk to and check on. It also reminds me of the people that I have let go of. We all have them. Those people who crossed boundaries, that proved to be takers not givers, or that haven’t been as eager to stay connected as I have. Then I take a deep breath and make a choice. Do they stay in my contacts or do I delete them? And most of the time I delete them. I think of it like weeding my garden.

We become like the five people we spend the most time with. When I started my business, I became deliberate in who I spent time with. I want to be the dumbest person in the room, because I have so much to learn. And I want to be surrounded by people who inspire me to do better.

Who are your five people? When was the last time you took time to weed your garden?