The Price of Admission

When my 10-year old son gets hungry and makes himself something to eat, he leaves a trail behind him. The stuff he pulled out of the refrigerator to make a sandwich is still on the counter when he has finished and moved on to the next thing. I’ve tried getting him to put things away, but he just moves on in his head and forgets. I’ve come to realize this is just the price of admission for loving him and so I just put the sandwich making stuff away and don’t make a big deal about it.

We all have a price of admission that someone is paying for working or living with us. There are things that we all do that annoy those around us. Others are willing to pay the price, because we also do things that are terrific. We show up and make their lives better or we make them feel fantastic when they are in our presence.

It makes me think about the workplace. There is always a price of admission. Think of those things that are annoying and bothersome, but you put up with them day in and day out. Until you can’t anymore. Until the price becomes so big that you start thinking about making a change. Maybe that change is to get a different job in the company with a different manager. Or it could be a job search for a role in a different company that is thriving instead failing. Or it could be dreaming of ditching the job that you hate and reinventing yourself and transitioning to another career.

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