Make It Easy

I went to Cancun recently and stayed at an all inclusive resort. I was struck by how easy everything was. Easy to find food at any hour of the day. Easy to get a fresh beach towel. Easy to get a cold drink at a nearby bar. Easy to find a member of the staff if I had a question.

The employees in your company who make things easy are probably your higher performers. The ones who come with a well defined problem, a few potential solutions, and a recommendation that makes sense. And they include the cost as well as the anticipated benefits for the company. They anticipate all your questions and have well thought out answers.

Are you recognizing their efforts by saying thank you? Are you making them feel appreciated and valued? Are you giving them stretch projects that provide a challenge and help them grow? Or are you accepting their great performance as normal. Not something unusual at all. No recognition or appreciation is something they will remember a long time. And over time, they will resent that you are taking them for granted.

Your greatest employees need your words of appreciation, your time, and competitive pay. If they aren’t rewarded, then you need to be ready to struggle to find their replacement.

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